Take your happiness with you

Never lose what you discover
Found something interesting on Facebook, Twitter, blog, or at a party and want to look at it in detail later? Simply add it to your queue to revisit later.

Mood. Activity. Relationship - There is a collection for everything.
Find collections made by the people who know you the best: your friends! Simply link to your lounge and find your collections updated every time your friend updates theirs.

To buy or not to buy?
No stars, no rating! Get used to the sleek new actionable one-word recommendations from your friends. Never again waste your time or money on unworthy entertainment!

Collaborate. Express. Share
Create memories by collaborating closely with your friends to make great collections of apps, movies, books and music. Or, simply shout-out to share a great find. One feature, many uses!

Create. Showcase. Flaunt
Your sanctuary where you can organize, share and express your tastes, moods, emotions and interests in digital entertainment. Create your own fan following!

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